The history of Rapa Nui is a mind-bending human experience of adventure impulses, skill, creativity, crisis, resilience, cultural development, adaptation and innovation. But this story has rarely been told in its absolute thoroughness by local rapanui experts. Foreign accounts vary in accuracy, but many are distorted by political agendas, misinterpretation and bias. On the island, narrow and standardized tourist-focused speeches are narrated during both regular and private full or half day tours every single day. It’s mostly what tour operators believe the visitors want to hear: Fantasy with a vague basis on reality. This kind of restrained, tamed, dulled down experience generated by corporate tourism operators is an affront towards the traditional and legendary Polynesian storytelling skills.

As proud descendants of the ancient Rapanui people, we feel the responsibility of our generation to carry on the true history of our culture. Inspired by being the latest link in this incredible adventure of one thousand years of human presence here, we cannot and will not bear witness to the plasticization of our beautifully complex history. Through our enterprise we attempt to set the bar really high. We are going to make justice to our rich past in its whole deep meaning and become an example to follow in years to come. For Rapa Nui to become an enticing destination for the respectful, aware and demanding traveller, a change was needed. We are that change. That is why our focus is on uniqueness and quality, not quantity, but with the hopes of turning the tides of tourism on Easter Island towards something more focused and much deeper.

Our goal is to live up to the legacy of our culture. The importance of factual truth for the Rapanui, reflected in their sophisticated awareness about their environmental and chronological contexts, is of utmost importance for us. That’s why we are employing and Academic perspective for the deep content we are sharing with our guests. But also, the ways of sharing these facts are important and the difference between a good and an outstanding experience. Inspired by the our Polynesian ancestors’ storytelling we place great importance on the narrative. Years of dedication to our different disciplines and a great deal of experience in tourism has brought us all together in this project.

Our service makes no compromise, no frills, no catch, on the quality we advertise. We promise the best services available on Rapa Nui in every single area of the program of your liking. Rapanui Pioneers Society is partnering with local companies that support the local economy and thrive for excellence. We prefer to support small but ambitious business and startups focused on quality and we encourage them to meet our guests high standards. If companies like these are lacking in some areas, we offer the best available, as a result of our knowledge working in this field for years. We hope that our dedicated business opens the gates for further development of new quality-based companies. Our destination management service is the only one with permanent year-round presence on the island ensuring and always up to date information of the best services available. We promise honesty.

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The Rapanui Pioneers Society crew.


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