Operations Model


Rapanui Pioneers Society (RPS) operates mainly as a destination management company (DMC) and private tour agency. To ensure quality we never externalize field trips or lectures. Special programs that include lectures, multimedia presentations, in-depth field trips and other cultural activities are offered through select travel agencies in the world. We also offer the service of culture specialists for cruise ships.

As a DMC our knowledge about the services available on Rapa Nui is unparalleled. We work only with the best providers available on the island. If it’s a private trip for vacation, or a business trip, conference or congress, we offer our expertise to arrange everything during your stay and the design of full programs. If you want us to organize your stay you will get our full commitment and a guaranteed unforgettable experience embracing our culture.

As a private tour agency we enjoy building the most thorough programs based on your time and needs. We do not have fixed programs. Insted, we will give you the most personalized experience, away from the crowds during the busy hours of the Rapa Nui National Park. In order to obtain the ideal immersion we recommend a stay of at least four days. Contact us and we will help you design the best program for you and/or your group. This will be based on meteorological and seasonal conditions like daylight hours, sunrise and sunset times, special events that take place on Rapa Nui, timing between sites, integrity and sequence of the Field Trips and other factors. Come and enjoy a completely unique experience with us.


Field Trips

Normally, all programs include long, immersive visits to the most magnificent sites Rano Kau, Orongo, Rano Raraku, Anakena, Tongariki, Ahu Akivi and Tahai. We guarantee that our daytime field trips are performed considering the best possible light for photographs and the less busy hours within the National Park’s opening hours.

For those who love hiking, we have scouted dozens of routes of different levels of difficulty that include some of these sites. To incorporate hiking or to visit lesser known areas of the island it is strongly recommended to consider a longer stay. Contact us for recommendations and let us know if you have any special requests.



We are the first DMC and tour operator that offers professional lectures and talks about the island’s archaeology and history for all our groups. Lectures about the historical period coupled with multimedia presentations give a glimpse of the changes Hanga Roa and Rapa Nui have been through in the last couple of centuries. It’s a great asset for contextualization and to complement the field trips.


Special Activities

Besides lectures and field trips, we might offer additional activities that include but are not limited to book or article commentaries, skywatching, carving workshops, freediving and scuba diving, boat trips, fishing and spearfishing, birding, photography and filming, involvement in local events, among others. All of these can be included by special request.


Online Services

The RPS provides blog posts, interviews, news articles and podcasts about all things Rapa Nui. Stock video footage, audio and photographs are also available. Send us a message for business inquiries.


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